SNAP/WIC/Senior Nutrition Programs


Information on MarketLink’s Free SNAP/EBT Equipment Program for farmers markets and direct-marketing farmers. The webinar recording below was presented by MarketLink, the Alaska Farmers Market Association, Alaska Farm Bureau, and Alaska Food Policy Council and includes information on:

  • What you will need to complete an FNS application and become a SNAP-authorized retailer
  • Tips and tricks for completing this application
  • Details of MarketLink’s free SNAP/EBT equipment program
  • And will conclude with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

For additional information, see the MarketLink Handbook.



Alaska Farmers’ Market Quest Card Program


All Alaskans should have access to fresh, healthy, local foods. The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and the Department of Natural Resources are working together to help farmers’ markets with the ability to accept Quest cards. Alaska Quest cards have Food Stamps (now called SNAP in most states) and TANF (also called “cash”) benefits. Both of these can be used at markets participating in the Alaska Farmers’ Market – Quest Card Program.



Alaskan Markets and Farmers Who Currently Accept SNAP (Summer 2018):

  • Anchorage Farmers Market
  • Black Bear Farms
  • Bushes Bunches Stand
  • Cool Cache Farms
  • Dandelion Acres
  • Dart AM LLC
  • Ester Community Market
  • Farmer’s Fresh Market
  • Friday Fling
  • Funny Farm Feed Folks
  • Get the Junk Out of the Trunk
  • Glennallen Wednesday Market
  • Homer Farmers Market
  • The Market, Petersburg
  • Monday Market at Palmer Depot
  • Mountain View Farmers
  • Market Muldoon Farmers Market
  • Pioneer Farm
  • Tanana Valley Farmers Market
  • Soldotna Saturday Market
  • South Anchorage Farmers Market
  • Southside Community Farmers Market
  • Sitka Farmers Market
  • Tanana Valley Farmers Market
  • Talkeetna Grown
  • Willow Farmers Market


Need SNAP EBT Equipment?


WIC/Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Alaska’s farmers grow some of the best produce in the country. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of good nutrition. The Alaska Farmers Market program introduces WIC participants and eligible seniors to produce grown in Alaska. Through this program, participants are issued coupons that they can exchange for Alaska-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs at local Farmers Markets and farm stands. The program helps Alaska’s economy by bringing new customers to Alaskan farmers who sell their products directly to consumers. The USDA and the State of Alaska fund this program.

Learn more by visiting the state of Alaska website.

Market Managers: Are you looking for information on how to participate in the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) and Senior Farmers Market Programs?

Contact Erin Fahsholtz at Health and Social Services in Juneau, at:

Banking form

FMNP Agreement

FMNP Farmer Application


July 20, 2018- Alaska Farmers Market Association Statement
RE: Novo Dia Group Shutdown Affecting Farmers Markets’ Capacity to Accept SNAP

As many of you may know, there has been news of SNAP benefits at farmers markets being interrupted. The Alaska Farmers Market Association (AFMA) wants to make clear how/or if markets in Alaska would be affected.

The reported interruption would be due to the processing application, “mobile market +”, used by a few markets and individual farm stands in Alaska,  would go dark July 31st. Thankfully, the National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs have stepped in and provided funding to cover the costs of keeping the app running for another month to help with the transition until August 31st, 2018.

This is not the only processing option that markets around the state can use, it is just the only platform that works on Apple brand devices (i.e. Ipads and Iphones), of which markets where provided for free by the Farmers Market Coalition, through a grant in recent years. The USDA made a statement about the situation:

“The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) was recently informed by a major provider of mobile EBT technology for farmers markets and farm stands that it will discontinue this service.

With few providers in this marketplace, this is of great concern.

Farmers markets play an important role in providing Americans with access to nutritious foods. FNS is committed to encouraging farmers market participation in SNAP, to improve access for low income Americans while supporting economic opportunities for farmers and producers.

Since being notified of the provider’s decision to discontinue service, USDA has been exploring all available options in an attempt to avoid a service disruption. Our number one goal is to mitigate the impact on our program participants as well as farmers and producers.”

By law, states are required to provide no-cost options for farmers markets and certain other retailers to accept SNAP. USDA reimburses states for 50% of these costs, like most other administrative expenses. The law does not require those solutions to be wireless, but FNS strongly encourages states to support wireless options. This is particularly important in a mostly rural state like Alaska.

AFMA has been in communication with the Alaska State Department of Public Health to confirm that Alaska does provide a no cost option for markets in the state to process SNAP benefits. Yes Alsaka does provide a no cost option through FIS government solutions processing company. Currently AFMA has confirmed that FIS has units that are wireless and use cellular networks to transmit data.

So fear not Farmers Markets around the state of Alaska are continuing to accept SNAP benefits without impact to our markets, farmers or SNAP benefits recipients.  Though markets may have to change some equipment eventually to continue processing SNAP, these changes should not affect the program around the state.

  • All currently participating Markets can contact FIS government Solutions at 1-800 894-0050 to get setup with processing units. You will just need to provide your FNS Number which can be found on your current device under “config. Settings”
  • State contact:
  • If you have any questions or need additional clarification regarding the equipment program, and how the NDG shutdown affects you or your market, please don’t hesitate to contact Emma Hansen at

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available. You can follow the Farmers Market Coalition’s live updates here. Moving forward, it is a goal of AFMA to work with organizations such as FMC as well as the State of Alaska and its governing body to create long term solutions to supporting SNAP at Farmers Markets.

If you have questions email AFMA! And we hope to see you all at the Market.
Alaska Farmers Market Association