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AFMA Membership Details:

Thank you for your interest in AFMA and becoming part of the statewide network of farmers markets, market managers, farmers, vendors and local food aficionados. Annual membership is available to farmers markets that operate within Alaska and agree to provide AFMA with key data points throughout the year, showing the market’s commitment to supporting Alaskan farmers and the agriculture community.  Data collected through the AFMA will be used to gauge improvements, growth, and overall impact.

AFMA is a non-profit membership organization. In order to qualify for membership, a member shall be a Farmers Market, defined as a venue that is available for a gathering of vendors of local food, whose director publishes regular business hours and is actively seeking farm vendors. A member may also be elected or appointed to membership by the Board.

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Mail a check to Alaska Farmers Market Association to:

Alaska Farmer’s Market Association
c/o Robbi Mixon
3734 Ben Walters Ln
Homer, AK 99603

Annual Membership Dues: NO FEE for your first yearsliding scale based on market size after trial year

If your market would still like to contribute this year, please see our suggested Dues/ Donations:

AFMA Membership Type 
(please pay whatever you can, even it its more or less!)
New Farmers Market/ Farmstand/ CSA/ Food Hub
(or if financially unable to join at other levels)
$ 25.00-40.00
Small Farmers Market/ Food Hub/ CSA/ Farmstand  (2-25 vendors) $ 60.00-100.00
Medium Farmers Market/ Food Hub/ Farmstand (26-50 vendors) $120.00-260.00
Large Farmers Market/ Food Hub/ Farmstand (50+ vendors) $260.00-500.00
Other Market Associations $360.00-800.00
Friends of AFMA $25.00-800.00 (or more)


In order to qualify for membership, a member shall be a Farmers Market (“Market”), defined as a venue, physical or online (i.e. an online food hub) that is available for a gathering of vendors of local food, with at least 2 produce, aquaculture, flower, egg and/or poultry/ meat growers, whose management publishes regular business hours and is actively seeking farm vendors. Farmstands and CSAs only need to have one such vendor. A member may also be elected or appointed to membership by the Board.


Each Market shall have one member representative who is entitled to vote on behalf of the member. There shall be only one member representative for each Market, including those persons who serve on the Board. Persons on the Board who are affiliated with a Market must serve as that Market’s member representative. If a Market is controlled by a board of directors rather than a single owner, that Market should designate single authorized member representative.


With respect to the subject matter of an issue submitted to the members, each member shall be entitled to one vote upon each such issue. If a manager runs more than one Market, each individual Market shall qualify for a vote rather than each management entity. If a Market has more than one location, each individual location shall qualify as a “Market” and shall have one vote, if all other qualifications for membership are met by that individual location.


2022 AFMA Farmers Market Member Benefits:

  • Training and Education: Annual conferences and workshops and regional workshops focus on industry best practices, increasing food access and strengthening direct marketing sales
    • Through 2024, we have secured funding for a variety of training opportunities outside of Alaska as well, for both managers and your farmers!
  • Networking: Join the community of AFMA members dedicated to the mission of advancing Alaska’s farmers markets. Learn from other members through networking and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.
  • Voting privileges. Vote and serve on the AFMA Board of Directors or help on a committee; influence organizational policies and procedures, strategic goals and legislative agenda.
  • Promotion. All member markets will be in included in statewide promotion campaigns.
  • Action Alerts. Email notification of updates, legislative and action alerts on important issues
  • Policy Voice. AFMA advocates for state and federal policies that support farmers markets.
  • Technical Assistance Services. Need help setting up a SNAP/EBT program at your market? Not sure how you want your vendor application to look? We’re here to help!
  • Members Listserv. A chance to communicate directly with other AFMA market managers on topics important to you.
  • National Connections. Joint membership in the national Farmers Market Coalition with connections to farmers markets across the country. See benefits below.

As a member of AFMA, you are also a member of the national Farmers Market Coalition organization!

The following member benefits apply to all FMC members:

  1. A voice and a vote in membership meetings and Board of Directors elections.
  2. Representation at the table with federal agencies and organizations which provide funding for farmers markets and establish national policy, and advocacy opportunities.
  3. An electronic subscription to the market beet, our seasonal electronic newsletter, and a subscription to our weekly farmers market news email, Fresh Picks.
  4. Access to a volunteer team of farmers market practitioners to help answer your most important questions.
  5. Access to regular member-only webinars on timely education topics and opportunities to have your questions answered live by experts.
  6. Access to National Farmers Market Week promotional tools.
  7. A special ‘Proud member’ badge for your organization’s web site, which links your visitors directly to FMC’s valuable resources.
  8. Access to member-only Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance Policy for nonprofit farmers market organizations through Campbell Risk Management.
  9. Opportunities to participate in special member-only programs like Discover You Can and Discover Market Fresh.
  10. Member Only Resources, such as POP Club Guide, Toolkit, and Templates.
  11. All FMC members will receive access to our Farmers Market Metrics Directory, which allows your market and vendor data to be transformed into dynamic and automatically updated online directory. Additionally, FMC will continue to expand the number of directories that we’re able to update on your behalf.
  12. Exclusive access to a complete evaluation & data communication system for farmers markets, known as Farmers Market Metrics (Metrics). Metrics is driven by the need for efficient farmers market management tools, that can also serve to streamline grant reporting. The scalable and customizable system is intended to maximize the utility of, and build upon data already collected by market management, while facilitating the communication of market impacts to customers, vendors, funders and other stakeholders. The Farmers Market Metrics Platform is available for to FMC members for an annual subscription fee – NOTE: AFMA is participating in this program for the next 3 years!
  13. Knowing that your contribution improves our ability to respond to farmers markets’ needs today, tomorrow, and in years to come.